Earth Science Laboratories welcomes John Hatten as Lab Director

We are pleased to announce the appointment of John Albert Hatten, Jr. as the Lab Director at Earth Science Laboratories.

John has a Ph.D. in organic chemistry with biological chemistry emphasis. He has experience with Molecular Docking, and 8 years experience in analytical research and development for large generics and brand name pharmaceutical companies operating in a GMP environment.  John's specialties include: USP <467>, TRC by LCMS, Method Development and Validation, cGMP, Automated dissolution (Zymark Multidose), Controlled Substances, Particle sizing, Dynamic Vapor Sorption, TGA, DSC, ITC, NMR, Dissolution, QbD, FMEA, Empower, Chromeleon, Design of Experiments, GMP controlled enviornment, Content Uniformity by Tablet Processing Workstation (TPW II). CAD, ELSD, UPLC, IC, XRD.