SIMD welcomes Jason Guenter as Director of Environmental Remediation

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Guenter as the Director of Environmental Remediation at Staten Island Marine Development (SIMD) .

Jason most recently served as the Vice President of Remediation at Great Lakes E&I based out of Kalamazoo, MI. In this capacity he was responsible for the overall performance and quality of this business line in addition to the management of projects, programs and clients nationwide. His professional career spans over 20 years in this industry and he has experience in all phases of project execution including investigation, planning, permitting, estimating, negotiations, contracting, purchasing, staffing, resource allocation, implementation, health and safety, quality assurance and reporting.

He has managed projects that include the design and implementation of water and air treatment systems, in and ex-situ remediation technologies, solidification and stabilization approaches, and engineered excavations and shoring systems. Utilizing both cutting edge and re-purposed proven technologies he provides innovative solutions for environmental and remediation projects. He proven in the execution of large and complex projects requiring the integration of multiple specialty and trade contractors alike and has worked successfully for commercial, industrial, municipal, state and federal clients within a variety of contract delivery mechanisms. He also has extensive experience in the removal, transport, handling and treatment, solidification and stabilization and disposal of impacted sediments.

Prior to joining Terra Contracting he received his Bachelors degree in Geology from Hanover College and has served as a Project Geologist at ETG Environmental, Project Superintendent and Project Manager at Earth Tech Inc., and was a Regional Practice Area Leader at AECOM.

Specialties: Development, Estimating, Negotiatiating, Implimentation and Management for Environmental/Remediation Programs and Projects.