Hanson welcomes Alexandra Harmon as Environmental Scientist

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Alexandra Harmon as an Environmental Scientist at Hanson Professional Services Inc.

Alex enjoys modeling water distribution systems and collection systems utilizing InfoWater, WaterGEMS, and InfoSWMM. She is also proficient in HEC-RAS and ArcGIS/other ESRI products. She has completed water master plans for communities as small as 70 people and as large as 50,000 people. She has provided storm water management to cities with little to no storm drain systems & completed 100-year flood studies. Alex has spent countless days treading through rivers for scour analyses and have stood in the middle of a busy road with surveyors mapping sanitary sewer and storm water manhole inverts and pipe sizes. She has successfully transferred and gained new water rights for various private clients & has spoken at public meetings and helped clients secure state and federal funding.