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 The cost of making the wrong hire is considerable. Matteson Partners engages the art and science of executive search to provide our clients with the best selection of candidates in the marketplace. We have a 96% success rate over the last decade.

With over 150 years of combined experience in Executive Search, our partners and consultants have developed a proven, unique process to find the right candidate for every position.

When engaging in a new search, time is spent with key executives, board members, employees and individuals related to the placement that help to determine what the desired profile looks like for the best possible candidate.

  • Our initial interview meetings and research help create a detailed opportunity profile.

  • Next, we research the client industry and other related industries to see what unique domain experience may be required for success in this space.

  • Included in our due diligence is the understanding of our client’s own customer base and value proposition in the marketplace. This is of particular importance in sales, marketing and business development positions, however, the same relevance applies to all corporate perspectives.

Sourcing candidates involves our consultants use of professional networks, coupled with today's most sophisticated databases and social technologies. The following is a selection of sources, but our sourcing process is customized to each search. 

  • MP Candidate Network: Our firm has developed and continues to develop an extensive bank of excellent candidates. This group holds an affinity for the firm both supporting our efforts as well as using us as a placement resource.

  • MP Alumni: Our alumni are treated as a well respected resource, quite often being instrumental in developing top level candidates for our search requirements.

  • Referrals: In a search, we will use our wealth of personal contacts to identify key successful candidates. Quite often this is a several tiered process by a chain of referrals. Our strength here is that people don’t mind sharing information due to our reputation in maintaining candidate confidentiality.

  • Competitive Companies: Here we use our database and resources to drill down into competitive successful companies to find the candidates fitting the profile desired. We have internal software allowing us to access private and public company executive bios and information.

  • Client Network: Based on our experience, most clients have a wealth of resources in their own network that potentially may develop candidates for positions. As a third party, our process enables us to reach out to these individuals with a shared openness that candidates respond to.

  • Databases and Social Networks: These are professionals in the industry or related industries that have tremendous track records and could be great potential candidates. This information is gained from resources we have developed throughout the years.

We engage a multi-level interview process to assess each candidate's expertise, credentials, personality and potential  fit with our client's culture. 

  • We screen all candidates both on the phone and with research before interviewing.

  • We conduct 10-minute recorded interviews for all candidates and send a secure electronic video file to our clients for review.

  • We see all candidates in person or by video conference and typically interview them with multiple Consultants before proposing an interview with the client.

  • We give feedback on the candidate response. This can often be the most enlightening component, as quite often candidates share information with us and not our client.

We are available to manage the offer process. This process also brings to light candidate desires, concerns and attitudes. Often, issues not easily discussed with the company are brought to light and we actively probe for these.

  • References: We research and interview multiple references and provide summaries and contact information should the company desire to validate details or address any concerns.

  • Background Checks: Completed as a service to our client by an independent third party company.It is also recommended that the company employ an independent firm.

  • Psychological Assessments: We utilize multiple licensed and independent third parties. TalentQuest provides an excellent online assessment of each candidate's personality and scholastic aptitude.

  • Ongoing Support: We continue to work with our clients and alumni when requested to resolve any issues and coordinate a smooth transition into the new environment.


Matteson Partners is a retained search firm. Our search fee model has been in place since our inception and is considerably less than our competition. Please inquire for additional information. 


Our firm backs our process with a guarantee that insures our clients’ successful and stable placements. Should a candidate leave a position within one year of placement, regardless of reason, we will replace that individual at no additional fee other than the hard costs to interview replacement candidates.

Additionally, it is our policy and our position that we never recruit candidates from our client base. We work hard to help with client retention, whether it is our placement or other employees within the client organization.

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