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After thirty-five years in search, we have perfected our process to understand how companies and people fit together… but we have learned a few things along the way that have impacted the way we approach search.

The MP Difference

The Real Deal. Since 1987, Matteson partners have utilized trusted advisors to provide specialized executive searches and find the right candidate to elevate your team.


The definition of character is the complex mental and ethical traits marking and often individualizing a person, group, or nation. – Merriam-Webster We pride ourselves in continuing the strong character of our founding partner, Bill Matteson was so highly regarded when starting this business in 1987.


Though every search is unique, we understand the complexity of finding the right person for your search. No matter how long it takes, we are committed to finishing strong.


We do not operate in a transactional mindset. Our job as search consultants is to collaborate with your team and act in your best interest with integrity and professionalism.

Mission Statement

Our commitment is to create a positive impact through collaborative partnerships with people and companies to ensure the absolute best while influencing practical outcomes.

Mission Statement 1
The MP Difference

Every search is unique.

While elements of our process are standardized; we customize each search assignment to fit the needs of our client and to be nimble and flexible to the market we are working in.

Align Expectations. Enable Transparency.

Just as the perfect company does not exist; the perfect candidate does not exist. Part of our process is exposing the best about individual candidates but it also about being transparent in areas that we see as learning opportunities. We are upfront and transparent about where we see potential issues.

The MP Difference
The MP Difference

Partnerships. Not Engagements.

We do not operate in a transactional mindset. Our job as search consultants is to be a partner and extension of our client in the market. We think like our client and act in the best interest of our client with integrity and professionalism. Getting one engagement from our client is not a success; establishing a Partnership is a success.

Our Proven Process

Though every search is unique, for every new client we follow the process that has led to our 96% one-year success rate. We call it the 5 C’s: conduct, compile, compare, convert, conclude.

Conduct 6


Your search concludes when you make the final candidate an offer of employment. We can help you with final offer negotiations to ensure a successful placement.
Conduct 5


Next, we begin to compile a list of candidates based on research and sourcing to find the best candidates available in today's marketplace.
Conduct 4


We assess our list of prospects to determine which ones are truly qualified and ready to make their next career move. This leads to a smaller list of viable candidates.
Conduct 3


After comparing all the viable candidates, we reduce many to a select few and convert them to the final clearly suitable few that we will present to you.
Conduct 2


This final stage occurs when you select one of the select few and make an offer. We’re available to help with onboarding to ensure a successful placement.

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